CEDASPE has been manufacturing bushings and accessories for transformers for almost forty years and so far it's one of the most well known companies in this particular sector of the market.
The reason of this success are:

  • wide range of products,
  • quality,
  • service,
  • experience,
  • organisation.

Wide range of products: it's easier to understand it by looking at the following pages or, in a better way, at the voluminous and complete catalogue. Since the beginnings (mid Sixties), the quality has been a predominant characteristic of our products. This perseverance has been attested in 1998 by the certification of our quality system according to ISO9002 standard.

The service is the evident of a sales department and of an engineering department always able to give a positive answer to the demands of the customers, more and more frequently dealing with the various international requirements; the effectiveness of this service is shown by delivery terms on line with customer needs, good packing, clear documentation.

Esperience: how is it possible to give both quality and service? Through an effective and long tradition in this field, consolidated by over 100 years of experience that CEDASPE has directly gained since its origins as "CED Elettromeccanica" (1967), and indirectly though the incorporated companies "ASPE" (1965) and "FORNASARI" (1965).

The characteristic of CEDASPE as a typical family company makes possible that the organisation, necessarily simplified in a structure which only counts fifty people, with several members of the Giorgi's family at the management key points, backed in their work by an efficent staff: Dr. Enrico Giorgi, financial & administration area; Ing Gian Franco Giorgi, engineering & commercial area; Ing. Andrea Giorgi, manufacturing & logistic area.

The founder of CEDASPE, Mr Giorgio Giorgi, is so far the current president of the company, thus apporting his wide experience and his precious technical and commercial knowledge.


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