Bushings / ED Series

ED Bushings
An innovative design: the most popular and most reliable 1 kV bushing on the market


Key features

  • More than 250,000 pieces sold in 2017
  • Optimal tightening solution
  • Compact body
  • Smart assembling, packaging and delivery
  • Fully interchangeable with old DIN bushings
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Best value-price guarantee

Technical data
Maximum rated voltage 1 kV
Maximum rated current From 250 A up to 4500 A
Nominal creepage distance from 60mm up to 150mm
Nylon bottom insulating body
Rod design Rigid stem
Rod material availability Copper / Brass
Special treatments availability Tinplating and silverplating
Most used rod executions Bottom base / Spade / Threaded with nuts
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Product description

The CEDASPE ED series bushings are LV solid porcelain bushings. They have been designed to meet customer needs, offering an easy, fast and reliable solution for the requirements of distribution transformer manufacturers.
The special design of the ED series provides better gasket protection against external environmental conditions (i.e. UV radiation), ensuring a longer service life for the gaskets, thus reducing maintenance costs as well as leakage issues.
The main feature of these low-voltage bushings is a reinforced nylon insulating support on the oil side that ensures an optimal tightening solution. ED bushings have a compact body; the reduced number of components and gaskets produces a smart, fast and easy design that significantly reduces maintenance costs. ED series is suitable for smart assembly, packaging and delivery: each bushing is shipped pre-assembled, saving 30% - 50% of mounting time and reducing cost.
ED bushings are fully interchangeable with the old DIN standard. This simplifies replacement and allows old DIN bushings with the same current rating to be replaced easily, without changing the transformer design.
Featuring an extensive range of available customizations, the ED bushing can be manufactured according to almost any kind of customer requirement (i.e. special rods/connectors, special treatment surface, etc.), unlike the old DIN design.
Designed for both indoor and outdoor applications, the ED bushing series can even operate under extreme environmental conditions (i.e. very polluted areas, very cold/hot ambient temperatures, very corrosive/aggressive environments, etc.).

Bushing type (Catalogue) Rated voltage Rated current Creepage distance Execution Standard reference Catalogue
ED 02 1 kV 250 A 60 mm Spade / Threaded with nuts EN 50386 pdf
ED 06 630 A 75 mm Spade / Threaded with nuts pdf
ED-S12 1250 A 80 mm Spade pdf
ED-N12 Bottom base pdf
ED-S20 2000 A Spade pdf
ED-N20 Bottom base pdf
ED-S30 3150 A Spade pdf
ED-N30 Bottom base pdf
ED-S40 4500 A 90 mm Spade pdf
ED-N40 Bottom base pdf
ED-N50 5000 A 150 mm Bottom base pdf
Assembly sketch pdf
ED design vs DIN design pdf