Bushings / LV Series

A tried-and-tested medium-voltage bushing for distribution transformers


Key features

  • Standardized design
  • Tried-and-tested product
  • Best value-price

Technical data
Maximum rated voltage 3 kV
Maximum rated current From 250 A up to 6300 A
Nominal creepage distance From 120 mm up to 130 mm
Porcelain bottom insulating body  
Rod design Rigid stem
Rod material Copper / Brass
Special finishing Tinplating / Silverplating
Most used rod executions Bottom base or threaded with nuts
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Product description

The CEDASPE LV series are solid porcelain open type bushings designed in accordance with the standard DIN 42539.
Primarily used for indoor and outdoor applications in the field of distribution transformers, these bushings are available in several designs and can be customized to fit almost any kind of customer requirement upon request (i.e. tin plating, special drillings, special connectors, etc.). While the ED family of bushings has a nylon-bottom insulating body, the LV series features a porcelain insulating body on the oil side; in addition, rods are available both in copper or brass.

LV model Rated voltage Rated current Rod material Standard reference Catalogue
3/250 3,6 kV 250 A Brass DIN 42539 pdf
3/630-Cu 630 A Copper
3/630-Ms Brass
3/1000 1250 A Copper pdf
3/2000 2000 A
3/3150 3150 A
3/4500 4500 A pdf
3/6300 6300 A