Our Vision

We are committed to constantly increasing customer satisfaction by continuously improving the quality of our products and reducing lead times, moving towards our goal of becoming more and more of a world-class company.

Our Mission

We intend to expand our portfolio with new products in order to increase our presence in the market and reach every corner of the world with the help of the global Reinhausen group sales network.

Company history
Cedaspe S.r.l.


CEDASPE was founded in Milan on April 20, 1967, when Giorgio Giorgi and his colleague, Franco Viscardi, went in front of a notary to sign the act of incorporation for Costruzione Elettromeccanica Donini (CED) SNC, which had been started by its former owner in 1955.


Gian Franco Giorgi joined CED and immediately started developing new products like butterfly valves and PT bushings, aligning the design to the relevant standards (at the time the DIN 42530-1-2-3-4 series) to cover the complete range up to 52 kV. Up to that point, the product portfolio had been limited to a few LV bushings, some breathers and oil gauges.


Export activity started to grow in Europe and overseas. Thanks to the first successful business trips to Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, and Saudi Arabia, the first orders were placed between 1983 and 1985, and the first long term agreements were also concluded, e.g. with one important European OEM.


After completing his studies as a mechanical engineer in 1986, Andrea Giorgi joined the company as a plant manager and established new production lines, including modern CNC machining centers and lathes.


The 90s was a decade of important milestones: The plant was expanded, going from 800 sq m to more than 1500 sq m, and new workers were hired, growing from 3-4 employees to more than 15.
The first collaborations with other companies in the same field also began: in the UK with Webster Wilkinson and in Italy with CAPT, Aspe, Fornasari (acquired in 1998), LTC, Rancan, and ETI.
In 1996, the company moved to the current headquarters in San Giuliano Milanese, and after the incorporation of ASPE in 1995, the name of the company was changed to CEDASPE.

Meanwhile, internationalization carried on with the founding of ETP in Singapore in 1997, together with a local partner, owner of Maxsteel Enterprises, in order to have a local hub to better serve the South East Asia markets.

The product portfolio was expanded thanks to the incorporation of companies specializing in different products than those manufactured up to that point:

  • ASPE: Buchholz relays, OLI, breathers
  • Fornasari: MV and HC bushings
The range of products was then almost complete, from small LV bushings for DT to HC bushings for PT and all the main accessories, such as Buchholz relays, oil gauges, breathers and radiator valves.


At the beginning of the new millennium, turnover was around 5 million euros, but 90% of sales were already from outside of Italy.
During these years Enrico Giorgi joined the company and started developing the Financial and Controlling department.
The 2000s was a decade of further improvement in the range of products.
It began with low-voltage bushings for distribution transformers. CEDASPE was the first company to develop a new design in accordance with EN 50386. The ED bushing series was a revolution on the market, forcing the competition to try to keep pace. The innovations continued over the years with a new Buchholz relay, a new design for the inclined flange oil level indicator and for the large dial oil level indicator (including an electronic version), a new butterfly radiator valve (zero leakage), new dehydrating breather series (VEL & VEP) and new terminal boxes.

Further developments:

  • New LV Bushings
  • New Buchholz relays
  • New OLI (analog output)
  • New radiator valves (zero leakage)
  • New breathers


Internationalization continued with new joint ventures, such as with Sukrut Electric Company Private Limited in India in 2007, in order to supply the local market. In 2009, when the collaboration with Webster Wilkinson ended, CEDASPE set up BTRAC (British Transformer Components) in the UK together with the former director of Webster Wilkinson. ETP started manufacturing DT bushings and assembling PT bushings in Singapore. In addition, automation moved forward with new machinery in the workshops, a new IT infrastructure and the implementation of the barcode system.
Meanwhile, the sale of exports had reached North America, China and finally Russia, with the collaboration of a local partner, ITE Engineering LTD.
Manufacturing capacity had also improved with the integration of the Mecam workshop in Codogno and Savem in Melegnano, a new logistics center.
The work force also grew, reaching 50 employees, and turnover increased to 13 million euros in 2010 (approx. 20 million euros today).


In 2014, CEDASPE decided to invest in a new and innovative product: the SBC composite bushing for power transformers.
A testing room facility was built on our premises and a silicone injection molding machine was installed for producing these bushings, which are becoming more and more of a premium product, successful all around the world.


January 2016: CEDASPE became part of Reinhausen Group. Since then, the process of integrating into the group has begun, and is still ongoing.


In June 2017 CEDASPE celebrated its 50th anniversary with over 90 international invited guests, with a program comprising a company tour and a museum tour followed by a gala dinner held at a very special venue: the National Science and Technology Museum Leonardo da Vinci in Milan.


CEDASPE has an established international footprint: more than 90% of its products are exported. 50% of the market is in power transformers, 50% in distribution transformers.
This success has been gained through long-term relationships that have led to CEDASPE becoming renowned as a reliable manufacturer of consistently high-quality products.