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A good reason to celebrate:

CEDASPE SBC 36-M42-RSA – Test passed at KIPTS (at Eskom, South Africa)

CEDASPE is proud to announce its most recent goal achieved: the silicone bushing composite type 36-M42-RSA, specially designed for the South African market, has been positively tested at the Koeberg Insulator Pollution Test Station (KIPTS). The official test certificate was issued by Eskom on 31 July 2017.
Tests started more than one year ago according to Eskom specifications, with the result that the CEDASPE SBC 36-M42-RSA bushing successfully passed both light-to-medium and heavy-to-very heavy test cycles, consequently certifying this product fit for use in both inland non-coastal and coastal environments.

CEDASPE SBC – Silicone bushing composite

The silicone bushing composite (SBC) range, CEDASPE’s latest addition to the bushings family, is the result of the ever-increasing demand for a safe, efficient and reliable product able to assist both OEMs and utility companies to optimise the total operational costs of the transformer.
The SBC is a liquid filled (hollow-core oil communicating) composite bushing featuring a wide operational range: from 12 to 52 kV rated voltage and from 630 to 4500 A rated current.
The insulation body is made of a fiberglass tube with an integrated aluminum flange that improves the bushing strength, reducing the risk of oil leakage. The silicone insulator is molded directly onto the fiberglass tube by using a modern, state-of-the-art injection system based on liquid silicone technology (LSR).
This use of silicone technology ensures that the bushing is safe and maintenance-free, and it has a longer service life as a result.