The REINHAUSEN family continues to grow.
We are introducing two new holdings in Italy: Benvenuti c.a.p.t. and CEDASPE!


1967 Giorgio Giorgi founded CED Elettromeccanica S.r.l in Milan. It was renamed CEDASPE after acquiring ASPE in 1994.
In the last 50 years, CEDASPE has grown from a small workshop with three employees and limited product offerings to an international company with three plants in Italy, around 70 employees and an expansive product range.

Their rise began i n 1976, when Gianfranco Giorgi, the current managing director, started at the company. He immediately started developing new products such as shut-off valves and bushings for transformers in a voltage range of up to 52 kV. Export business picked up speed and new customers continued to flock to them from all over Europe and around the world.

In 1986, Andrea Giorgi joined as a plant manager for the company and established new production lines including modern CNC machining centers and lathes.
At the same time, the company began a successful collaboration with c.a.p.t., wherein CEDASPE purchased de-energized tap-changers and resold them to its own customers.
T here were more big changes in the 1990s: European Trafo Products (ETP) was founded with a local partner in Singapore in 1997 in order to better serve the Southeast Asian market. ETP distributes products from CEDASPE and partner businesses like c.a.p.t. After taking over the companies ASPE (1994) and Fornasari (1998), the company moved to the current headquarters on Via Colombara in San Giuliano Milanese. The product offerings were also refreshed, beginning with low-voltage bushings for distribution transformers. CEDASPE was the first company to develop a new design in accordance with DIN EN 50386. The ED bushing series was a revolution on the market, forcing the competition to try to keep pace. The innovations continued over the years with a new Buchholz relay, a new design for the oil level indicator (including an electronic version), new shut-off valves (free of leaks), new dehydrating breathers in the VEP series and new terminal boxes.

Internationalization continued: In 2007, CEDASPE concluded a joint venture with Sukrut Electric Company Private Limited for the Indian market. In 2009, British Transformer Components Ltd. (BTRAC, today also a member of the REINHAUSEN group) was founded together with Dave Fishman. ETP also began producing bushings for distribution transformers in Singapore, supervised by CEDASPE, as well as assembling bushings for power transformers.

In the last ten years, a new IT infrastructure was implemented with a barcode system. Production capacity has grown thanks to the two Italian subsidiaries MECAM and SAVEM. In 2014, the decision was reached to invest in a new product line, the SBC composite bushing for power transformers.

CEDASPE has been a part of the REINHAUSEN Group since 1 January 2016. The integration process was facilitated by Alexander Lodig (MESSKO).