Instruments and Protective Devices / CPR Series

The first smart element in case of rubber bag failure


Key features

  • Waterproof (IP65 protection degree)
  • Large inspection window

Technical data
Inlet diameter 38mm
Flange diameter 100mm
Standard references EN 50216
Waterproof (IP65 protection degree)
Body in aluminum alloy casting
Round flange execution 4 holes
Window material PMMA or tempered glass
Environmental conditions from -60°C up to +70°C
Wiring diagrams availability 1 contact (NO or switch)
Finishing for exreme/high corrosive environments

Product description

The CEDASPE CPR series protective device is specially designed to detect failures in the rubber bag with the risk of air getting inside the conservator.
The CPR device senses such faults, operating the alarm circuit. Air generated by these faults is captured and collected inside the gas accumulation chamber, where the movement of a float activates the magnetic switch.
The CPR series is waterproof with an IP65 protection degree, allowing it to be used even in very rainy and wet environments.
The CPR is equipped with a large graduated window, allowing clear and easy inspection from outside.

CPR models Inlet diameter Connection type Flange design Wiring diagram Standard reference Catalogue
CPR3 38 mm Flanged Round with 4 holes 1 Changeover contact EN 501216 pdf