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The newest CEDASPE bushing, designed with future requirements in mind.

SBC bushing is the latest goal reached by CEDASPE R&D department. Thanks to its innovative design, SBC bushing is the final solution for insulating the low voltage part of power transformers.

Designed with future requirements in mind, SBC bushing is:
  • Safe, thanks to its high quality silicone composite body, quite flexible and so strong to not be damaged and to resist to vandalism or bad handling;
  • Light, thanks to its silicone composite body and its innovative design, requiring less components metal part and making the bushing very light and easy to handle;
  • Strong, thanks to its innovative integrated flange, shaped to fit perfectly the composite body and to strengthen the bushing structure.
The SBC bushing keep the same overall dimensions of a common porcelain bushing, but it has a much longer creepage distance with an alternated shed profile which optimize the antifog performances, avoiding to choose bushings with an higher insulation level in case of need of long specific CD or for installation in altitude (i.e why to choose a 52 kV bushing on a 36 kV system because of min CD).

The Silicone Bushing Composite (SBC) range, the new family of bushings, is the response to the ever-increasing demand for a safe, efficient and reliable product that can help both OEMs and utility companies optimize the total operational costs of the transformer.
The CEDASPE SBC is a hollow-core oil-filled composite bushing featuring a wide operational range: from 12 kV to 52 kV rated voltage and from 630 A to 4500 A rated current.
The insulation body is made of a fiberglass tube with an integrated aluminum flange that improves the bushing strength, reducing the risk of oil leakage. The silicone insulator is molded directly onto the fiberglass tube by a modern, state-of-the-art injection system based on liquid silicone technology (LSR).

SBC bushing LSR injection step (opening phase/closing phase)

This use of silicone technology ensures that the bushing is safe and maintenance free, and it has a longer service life as a result.